Press Release: 12 December 2014

      Media can help curb violence against women by creating a vision where women are equal, safe and free: Eve Ensler, women rights activist

 New Delhi, 12 December 2013: “Violence against women is not a personal problem but connected to other systemic injustices, whether patriarchal, economic or gender, and media has a role in highlighting them. In all cases of violence, the burden is on the woman alone. If the woman can provide all evidence, then the charge-sheet is filed. Media can help curb violence against women by creating a vision where women are equal, safe and free.” said Eve Ensler, who is currently in the capital.

The call for One Billion Rising Campaign given by Eve Ensler to end violence against women is today a mass movement being owned and spearheaded by thousands of organizations from 179 countries.

Expressing deep anguish about the increasing crimes against women Kamla Bhasin Advisor, Sangat South Asia said, “Violence against women is one of the biggest issues prevailing in India manifesting through gender discrimination and inequality. It is time now to put an end to the age old practice.”

“The OBR has been an energizing connection for the youth of Delhi University.  A sense of ownership led to micro OBRs all over protesting violence against women in myriad ways. From poetry to dance to panel discussions to flash mobs there was a range.  Young women see it as empowering being part of a global collective. Now the slogan is both rise with and rise against, stated Bijaylakshmi Nanda, Faculty member of Miranda House.

“I fought my own battle and am happy today.  I advise all women to stand firmly and fight for their rights,”  says Khushi Prajapati.  Khushi Prajapati started work as a house maid to help her family survive.  She heard about Azad Foundation and joined there as a commercial cab driver. Khushi is also pursuing her graduation through a distance education programme. She now represents a community of women, who may have been born into difficult circumstances but who by their sheer determination have transformed their lives and become agents of change for themselves, their families and their communities.

The One Billion Rising for Justice Campaign is rapidly building upon the energy and momentum that was created in 2013 when one billion activists in 207 countries came together to strike, dance, and rise to end violence against women and girls. Much has been achieved in the last year and the discourse around women’s safety has become central to the debate about India’s development. Media support has been tremendous and milestones reached are a result of that support.

This year’s campaign is a call to women, men, and youth around the world to gather on 14 February 2014 outside places where they are entitled to justice including court houses, police stations, government offices, school administration buildings, work places, sites of environmental injustice, military courts, embassies, places of worship, or other public spaces for justice, marking the call to end the rampant impunity that prevails globally. One billion women will be releasing their stories dancing and speaking out at the places where they need justice, where they need an end to violence against women and girls.


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