Zee News, 6 Feb 2014


Aamir Khan joins the ‘One Billion Rising’ campaign


New Delhi: Superstar Aamir Khan has lent his support to end the violence against women in the global `One Billion Rising` campaign.

In the global campaign, supporters join together to show collective strength to support gender equality and end violence against women. India too has joined in as the instances of rape and brutality in the society today are increasing every year.

Aamir Khan, who has been an active crusader for social causes, has urged people to join hands in support for the campaign. The first episode of the popular television show `Satyameva Jayate` was focussed on female infanticide.

For `One Billion Rising`, the Padma Bhushan Awardee has made a video message to urge his fans to come and join the global movement.

In the video Aamir says, “I believe that to combat violence against women, we men, will first have to change. Raising our hand to strike a woman does not increase our masculinity. Instead, it shows cowardice. If we truly want to be real men, I feel, we will have to first learn to be sensitive. This year, in February, a billion voices will rise again to end violence against women across the world. I would like if you join in and become a part of this movement.”

Last year several celebrities came up to lend a hand to the cause such as Shubha Mudgal, Farhan Akhtar, Anushka Shankar, Shabana Azmi. The ghastly act of the gang rape of Jyoti Singh on 16th December 2012, in Delhi brought forward many supporters for the dance demonstration at Parliament Street in the national capital, New Delhi.

In 2014, Actress Gul Panag has also joined in for the cause along with several NGOs from across the country.


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