Invitation to OBR event at Miranda House

Invitation to OBR event at Miranda House

What: One Billing Rising Campaign initiative by youth at Miranda House

When: 9th Feb 2015, 11.30am to 2.30pm

Where: Miranda House, University of Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110007

Who: Miranda House and Centre for Advocacy and Research

Women’s Development Cell, Miranda House in collaboration with Centre for Advocacy and Research is initiating a campus rising for ongoing ‘One Billion rising Campaign’ with an open invitation to students across the University.

On this day around 100 student representatives from the University will take a call and rise against violence against women and other forms of gender oppression. The beginning of the day will be marked at 11:30 am by the addressing of Kamala Bhasin and Mr Mahesh Bhagwat (IPS of Hyderabad) to these 100 student representatives about forming a just and egalitarian society through the message of love proceeded by a march from Miranda House to three different centers in the North Campus. The march would also showcase a flash mob of Delhi University students rising for love, freedom, equality and peace. And this march will culminate at 2:30pm near Arts Faculty.


11:15-Assemble at the Seminar Room of Miranda House

11:30- Welcome Note by Srilekha

11:33- A song on, “I am a woman” by Divya

11:36- Dance by Community Student Representatives.

11:40- A song on,”Ori Chiraya” by Aman Gautam(Venky)

11:43- Address by Mr Mahesh Bhagwat(IPS)

12:00-Address by Kamala Di

12:40- March to Vishwavidyalaya.

12:50- Flash mob by university students

13:15- Flash mob at ND Kapoor Marg

13:50-Flash mob at Arts Faculty

14:20- Wrapping up with a group picture.


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