Press Release

New Delhi, 9th Feb 2015: Hundreds of representatives from the University came together to raise their voice and concern on violence against women and other forms of gender oppression followed by rally and flash mob at Delhi University. Ms. Kamala Bhasin, feminist activist, South Asia Coordinator, One Billion Rising Campaign Mr. Mahesh Bhagwat, IPS, Hyderabad have addressed the student representatives about forming a just and egalitarian society through the message of love. The students marched from Miranda House to three different centers in the North Campus. There were many events like music, dance and slogans performed by children of the community trained by CFAR followed by solo performance by College students. ” I am rising with OBR because I don’t want my body to be a taboo which is talked about only after it is violated. This moment offers me the powerful feeling of liberation strength and love and it is an offer I cant refuse.”-ISHANI BANERJEE, 1st year student “I am rising with OBR and its never going to stop. OBR helped me realise that I am not the only one. It made us come together and rise for ourselves. We are one for all and all for one”- Manaswani, 1st year student Speaking on the occasion Ms. Kamla Bhasin said, “Only 5% men are rapists but the most depressing is the fact that rest 95% good people keep quiet and never do anything to change the situation.” She also added that it is high time that we stop raising rapists in our families by not ignoring unacceptable behavior of the boys from young age. Further speaking about the patriarchal system in the society she stated that men were not born violent, patriarchy made them so. Rape is seen as a tool and as a weapon to subjugate women. Supporting the Campaign Mr. Mahesh Bhagwat emphasized on the need for synergy between all stakeholders like NOGs and Police working towards the same goal to make the society safe and secure. He also said that the there was a great need for gender sensitivity and upbringing of boys in our society. One Billion Rising, the largest global action to end violence against women has entered its third year with One Billion Rising: Revolution, a new escalation that calls for a radical shift to end the global epidemic of abuse that women face worldwide. Billions of people are rising everywhere to take a public stand against violence. Hindu_10 Feb 1520150209_122823MH4MH6MH3MH1220150209_132613 20150209_132608


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